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Rocio Del Mar Liveaboard - COVID-19 Corona Virus Statement

Updated May 22, 2020

At the end of March 2020 when Revillagigedo was closed by park officials, our trips were canceled for the remainder of the Socorro season through the end of May. We offered all of our guests the ability to use 100% of the monies they paid toward a future trip through the end of 2022. Since we normally service our boats in the month of June, we began this process early using the extra time to make repairs, upgrades, and overall maintenance. Our Sea of Cortez/Midriff Islands season starts July 11, 2020.

While Rocio del Mar and Quino el Guardian have always had procedures in place to provide a clean and sanitary experience, current circumstances require that stringent protocols be implemented to ensure the health of our guests and crew.

What we are doing:

Prior to the Trip:

- All internal areas of the ship will be fogged with vital oxide hospital-grade disinfectant.
- All external touch surfaces will be disinfected.
- Guests are asked to closely monitor their health, take appropriate measures during their travel and board only if healthy.
- Guests will be seen by a medic prior to boarding.

While Onboard:

- Each crew member will have their temperature taken and documented. Any temperature above 100.4F and that crewmember will be separated from the passengers.
- Each passenger will have their temperature taken and documented daily.
- All rental dive equipment will be disinfected prior to use.
- Crew will use face shields while filling tanks.
- Masks and gloves will be available for the guests and crew.
- Handrails, doorknobs, and hallway walls are cleaned and sanitized a minimum of twice daily.
- All public areas and cabins are sanitized twice daily.
- Hand sanitizer is available in all public areas and in each guest room. All guests and crew are required to use this before entering the galley for meals.
- Clorox wipes are in all guest rooms and on the camera table.
- Disinfectant is available for our guests to use on their masks and regulators. There are no communal rinse tanks for masks.
- Disinfectant is added to all neoprene rinse tanks.
- Tissues are available throughout the boat along with receptacles for used tissues. These are emptied throughout the day.
- Should a guest become ill, their movement will be restricted to their cabin.

Should you arrive at the boat with a cough, fever, or flu-like symptoms, you will be denied boarding for the health and safety of the other passengers and crew. We will be happy to give you documentation for your travel insurance provider.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact:

Susan Long
Sales & Marketing

Dora Sandoval
Owner & Operator

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