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Rocio Del Mar Liveaboard Crew

My name is Dora Sandoval, and my husband Francisco (everyone calls him "Lolo") and I are the founders of Rocio del Mar. We have put our hearts and souls into this project. I would like to use this space to give a brief history of how we began this project.

Lolo and Dora Sandoval - Owners of the Rocio Del Mar LiveaboardLolo and Dora Sandoval - Owners of the Rocio Del Mar Liveaboard

I love the ocean. Living on the ocean has always been a fantasy. Lolo has been a sea captain most of his adult life, so deciding to combine his experience along with my dream seemed like the ideal thing to do. Rocio del Mar is the result.

Lolo has been diving for 20+ years, and I for 10+. Since I began diving, I have earned my Dive Masters then my Instructors certification. We find that diving can be relaxing and meditative, as well as exhilarating and adventurous, and we want to share the experience with others. Personally, the best diving I have ever done has been effortless. That is, I was catered to as a diver and only had to concern myself with my enjoyment. Our mission is to create an environment where our guests can be worry-free. We want the experiences of our divers to be as wonderful as those we have had.

While building Rocio del Mar from the bottom up has presented various challenges, we decided to do so in order to have a boat that was specifically customized to cater to scuba diving. In our experience, we saw that most liveaboards in Mexico are fishing ships that have been modified for diving. Rocio del Mar has been adapted to fit divers’ needs, to be not only a boat but a kind of diving haven.

We started building our ship in June 2006, and we put her in the water in November 2008. Rocio del Mar will leave incredible memories for us all.

Rey - Captain/Divemaster
Bob - Divemaster
Everado - Crew
Mayo - Divemaster
Juan David
Gilberto - Divemaster
Juan David - Divemaster
Julio - Crew
Alberto - Crew
Poncho - Chef
Joshua - Chef
Noberto - Engineer
Office Staff
Carmina - Office Manager, Martin - Office Staff, Anna - Office Staff
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