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Rocio Del Mar Liveaboard - Revillagigedo - Socorro Islands Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is included in the full-board package?
A: Your accommodation and housekeeping; all meals, snacks and beverages; any marine park fees; port fees; up to four guided dives per day (conditions permitting); tanks, air and weights; breakfast on the day of disembarkation.
Q: What additional expenses will I be responsible for?
A: Anything purchased on board such as gear, clothing and sundries, dive training and certifications, equipment rental, National Park fees, and transfers. All gratuities are appreciated and we ask for them to be given at the end of the trip. Recommended Gratuity: 10% to 15% of full fare.
Q: Does the ship have NITROX (EAN) available?
A: 32% NITROX (EAN) is available for an additional $120 per week, per person.
Q: How can I pay for any extras?
A: We accept US, Mexican and European currency; Traveler’s checks and Credit Cards. Our preference is to receive gratuities in cash so that the crew may be paid at disembarkment.
Q: Any special travel documents required?
A: Only your passport. Bring it to avoid any immigration problems. With it you will be given a tourist card on the plane to fill out and receive a tourist visa from the Mexican Immigration in the airport. Everyone should consult their home country’s immigration status with Mexico for the necessary travel documents to avoid problems.
Q: What should I bring?
A: Don’t pack the closet; keep your packed clothing to a minimum. Dry-fit clothing is better, light shirts and shorts, maybe a pair of long pants and sweater for breezy evenings. Bring your private toiletries. Anything common that you forget can be purchased at nearby shops in town. Most importantly bring your complete dive gear, don’t forget your safety sausage. We supply the tanks, air and weights.

We recommend a 5mm suit, hoods or light hooded vests are always recommended as they protect the areas of greatest heat loss. Suit to stay warm as you will be diving several days.

Finally, remember to bring your C-card or proof of diving certification. The dive master requires proof of certification before you can dive.
Q: What are the meals like?
A: We do hope you bring an appetite too. If not, diving is sure to work up a good one. All meals and snacks are included. American style breakfast consists of pancakes, waffles muffins, toasts, egg dishes, fresh fruit, juices, hot chocolate, coffee or tea –served to fuel your active morning. Lunch is typically sandwiches, burgers, fish tacos, vegetables, fruit, pasta salads to keep you energized for the afternoon’s fun. Domestic beer and wine are stocked. Dinner starts with fresh vegetable salad and/or homemade soups. Local fresh seafood dishes cooked with savory spices are our chef’s specialty, paired with vegetable and pasta fusions of pork, chicken, or meat. Desserts are a sweet surprise made fresh daily. We can accommodate limited dietary requests.
Q: Drinking and diving?
A: Never wise and prohibited aboard Rocio Del Mar. When your alcohol consumption starts, your diving is done for the day – no exceptions. Your safety is our primary concern. After diving, toast to the fascinating things you saw on the house.
Q: Smoking?
A: Yes, you may on the uppermost sun deck only.  Just please be considerate of your non-smoking shipmates.
Q: Are insurance and waivers required?
A: Yes. Before you can dive we require proof of dive accident insurance. Inexpensive and comprehensive coverage can be purchased from DAN, Dive Assure, PADI and other organizations. You will also be asked to complete a medical statement and liability release waiver. This can be downloaded from our website.

We also are requiring the use of dive computers.
Q: Do you offer private charters and custom itineraries?
A: Absolutely, we can customize a trip itinerary around the special desires of the charter group. We can also prepare for special cuisine and dietary requests; special diving programs; biological and oceanographic research; photographic, safaris; whale shark and great whales encounters. Or you can just charter the boat for yourself and good friends or family to enjoy a memorable adventure together. Contact us to design a custom charter agenda tailored to your specifications and make the Rocio Del Mar your private luxury yacht.
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