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The Socorro Islands through the eyes of Marty Snyderman

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Residing in Solana Beach, CA, Marty Snyderman is a still photographer, film producer, author and speaker specializing in the marine environment. Marty's still photography and/or writing has been utilized by National Geographic Magazine, Skin Diver Magazine, numerous National Wildlife Federation publications, Natural History, Dive Training, Sport Diver, Time, Newsweek, Time Life, the Monterey Bay Aquarium, New England Aquarium, Sea World and Seattle Aquarium, and by numerous other publications and organizations expressing interest in the marine environment both in the United States and overseas.

Marty serves as the Field Editor for Skin Diver Magazine and is the long time author of the magazine’s Ask The Pro column. To date, Marty has authored nine books, including California Marine Life, his first book, that has just been revised and re-released in cooperation with the Monterey Bay Aquarium, and Guide To Marine Life of the Caribbean, Bahamas and Florida. Marty has been involved in underwater photography for 25 years and continues to produce compelling images of marine life in attempts to raise awareness and interest about many marine issues.

An Emmy Award winning cinematographer, his film, The Secret World of Sharks and Rays, a documentary about the natural history of sharks, premiered during October of 1998 on the PBS series NATURE. Marty produced and filmed To Be With Sharks (View From The Cage) which premiered on the Discovery Channel in July 1994 during Shark Week. A big ratings success, it is the second most widely watched premier in the history of Shark Week. In addition, Marty's cinematography has been used by Warner Brothers (Free Willy released in the summer of 1993), the National Geographic Society, NOVA, the British Broadcasting Corporation, many major broadcast networks and many more organizations expressing interest in marine wildlife.

Marty has also put together an online photo course where students can subscribe for a six month period and work through the different courses at their own pace. The classes range from Beginner to Advanced and will soon include a digital segment.

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